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Micro DataNet focuses exclusively on Dynamics NAV. As a Microsoft gold partner with over 25 years of experience we provide strategic advice, integration and customization services that are solely dedicated to make Dynamics NAV a success for your business.


As certified partners of Salesforce & Dynamics NAV, Micro DataNet has developed a real time point to point solution that integrates Dynamics NAV data with CRM data. Consider the possibilities of having a true view of your customers, prospects and opportunities combined with Dynamics NAV sales data.


Micro DataNet’s Smart BI solution overcomes the limitations of Excel centric reporting by unleashing the power of Gartner’s top ranked BI solution Tableau Users get explosive reporting capabilities that far exceed data confined silos of spreadsheets.


ePharmaERP, built on Dynamics NAV platform is focused on life sciences companies that sell products through the traditional pharmaceutical supply chain and need to manage contract chargebacks, DSCSA compliance and Medicaid reporting.

ePharmaERP for BioTech

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Our Featured Clients


Seton Pharmaceuticals markets more than 25 FDA approved products through the pharmaceutical supply chain channel including HDAM wholesalers, GPOs and healthcare systems.

The pharmaceutical team at Micro DataNet implemented Dynamics NAV ePharmaERP to automate contract pricing, chargeback validations and provide compliant financial controls.


Steinway is the preeminent manufacturer of world renown pianos. Their Dynamics NAV implementation and upgrades have been supported by the team at Micro DataNet for over 15 years. Stienway’s Dynamics NAV system is fully integrated including manufacturing with MRP, distribution and financials.


As a member of the Chemo global pharmaceutical group, Exeltis USA is focused on women’s health and dermatological products. Working with Exeltis’s new management team, Micro DataNet was instrumental in transforming a previously implemented Dynamics NAV system to a fully operational ERP solution addressing compliance, supply chain and financial reporting.


Rosco, founded in 1910, manufactures and distributes a complete line of products to satisfy the needs of the film and theater industry. Globally, Dynamics NAV has been implemented in Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, and Spain. Micro DataNet has been supporting Rosco since version 1.1 of Dynamics NAV with several upgrades and enhancements as they adapt to the rapidly changing needs of the film industry.


For over 100 years , the Seidler Chemical Company has served as a supplier, distributor, blender and re-packager of quality chemicals and ingredients. Upon assuming responsibility of the Seidler Dynamics NAV installation, Micro DataNet has helped transform Seidler’s business to be more customer responsive, regulation compliant while achieving a significantly improved inventory management process.


Emsig, founded in 1928 is one of the largest global button manufacturing companies with operations in Hong Kong, Europe and Central America. The Micro Datanet team has been working with Emsig for over 15 years enhancing their use of Dynamics NAV with an emphasis on managing Dynamics NAV utilization in Asian markets.

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