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Salesforce Custom Development

Marders, one of the largest and most prestigious landscaping contractors servicing an elite group of clients on Long Island's Hamptons, engaged Micro Datanet to implement a real time mobile time sheet and project management application built on the Salesforce platform for over 50 field users, to record Time, Material in and Material out for landscaping projects. Field information from iPhones update Salesforce in Real Time. Billing information is captured and related payroll data is validated. Additionally, Salesforce is being used to manage their extensive customer service requirements.

Key Food, is a major supermarket cooperative in the New York City area with over 300 stores, Micro DataNet was engaged to replace a manual spreadsheet driven process with an automated solution using the platform from Salesforce.
The challenge was to help Key Foods distribute to member stores the suggested weekly circular items which each store had the right to modify for shoppers in their community.
Using Salesforce components, Micro DataNet developed and implemented a custom solution that automatically distributed and tracked suggested weekly circular items. With a Salesforce developed native web portal store changes were tracked which automatically generated invoices for the modifications.

Barasch, McGarry Salzman & Penson, a personal industry law firm dedicated to helping victims of the 9/11 catastrophe. They have recovered over $2 billion dollars for their clients. Micro DataNet was contracted to develop a custom solution on the Salesforce platform to expedite and manage the qualification process. The project involved tracking client activities, claims processing with the governmental agencies and claims disbursement management. Information is now readily available in one system for the claims processors. Natively developed procedural workflows ensure timely compliance of sensitive documents.

Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida, a non profit organization, prepares and distributes of over 1 million meals a year for regulated government agency programs which help feed the needy. Micro DataNet's custom Salesforce solution manages the food acquisition, inventory control and meal processing activities. The solution overcame many of the difficulties in meeting governmental agency compliance reporting, quality assurance tracking and effectively managing disbursement funds.

Steinway Music is the preeminent global manufacturer of concert pianos. As a long time Dynamics NAV ERP client of Micro DataNet, Steinway engaged MDN to explore possibilities of bringing automation to the Concert Services & Artist division. This group is responsible for scheduling and managing the logistics of having concert piano's available for their artists at locations around the world. All now being handled manually in notebooks and spreadsheets.

Using standard Salesforce components, Micro DataNet developed and implemented a custom solution that tracks concert events, piano movement history and scheduling of services. As with any company engaged in the entertainment area, a vast array of information is being tracked to satisfy the artists and ensure the venue will satisfy their requirements. Native functionality using tasks & workflows ensure each of the vital steps in the project are being monitored.

ACV Enviro is a fully integrated environmental services and waste management organization with 24 locations throughout the Northeast and Midwest with over 800 employees.

Recently, a series of mergers with a newly installed management team who believed the organization needed to advance the use of technology by automating processes, bringing cloud mobility and improving customer engagements. Given Micro DataNet's experience with both the Salesforce Platform and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, ACV Enviro engaged MDN to jointly develop a strategy to bring the ACV organization to the next level.

Micro DataNet working with the ACV team and the system engineering group from Salesforce concluded that the Salesforce Service Cloud would work well in the ACV environment. After several pilot programs and evaluations, ACV was convinced the solution was viable and acquired an additional 500 Salesforce Service Cloud licenses for its field staff at multiple branches.

As of now, Purchasing, Order Entry and Work Orders which were previously entered in Dynamics NAV are now being entered on mobile devices in the field. The data is passed to Dynamics NAV in Real Time for Purchase & Sales Invoicing and General Ledger entries. Where previous manual processes oftentimes did not not capture all the field billable activities, the use of mobil devices by field personnel has eliminated a substantial amount of non reported billing.

Seidler Chemical has served as a supplier, distributor, blender and re-packager of quality chemicals and ingredients. Using Dynamics NAV, Micro DataNet has helped to transform Seidler’s business to be more customer responsive and regulation compliant. With the integration with Salesforce, Seidler is now able to do extensive reporting while better managing its sales team.

Asahi Kasei America, a member of one of Japan's largest chemical companies with sales over $18 billion, has extended the integration of Salesforce CRM with Dynamics NAV to multiple divisions. They have created dozens of reports not readily available with NAV data to help drive business productivity and provided the sales team with meaningful information. Information on mobile devices from virtually any location with the ability to have corporate view data data in Japanese.

Tri-K Industries, a member of the worldwide Galaxy group, has been using the NAV to Salesforce integration for several years. By rapidly adopting the Salesforce CRM capabilities, users capable of generating enhanced business reports and managing their complex forecasting formulas, Tri-K acknowledges the significant change in productivity that is positively affecting profitability.

Tapeswitch, a leadin supplier of electical components . Micro DataNet had implemented a Dynamics ERP solution to manage their financials and operations activities. Micro DataNet implemented their Dynamics NAV to Salesforce integration solution to provide the sales team with the ability to manage their quotes and provide management with a clear insight as to prospect & customer activity. All in a mobile solution using tablets and smart phones. Adoption from a reluctant sales team had escalated quickly as they came to realize the value of having information from both NAV & Salesforce available to them in one system.

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