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Are you a talented developer or implementer?

If so, you should consider a career at Micro DataNet. These are a few reasons why :

Bored of working for an endures company

You will be working on a diverse number of projects to gain valuable experience in problem solving for a variety of companies in many different industries. Why settle for the same grind when you could be using your skillset on projects that can challenge you to expand your knowledge.

Want to get lost in a big company
Some employees are looking to avoid being noticed and content doing the small segments of a project. How about working in a small environment with highly motivated and creative people who get quickly noticed for their work and enjoy the personal attention. A company that stresses the importance of learning new concepts and let's you handle projects from start to finish.

Freedom to grow

Flexible work hours, close to New York City and ample amounts of food.
As you can see,Micro DataNet offers a unique and exciting opportunity. To find out more about job opportunities with Micro DataNet, contact us today.

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