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Many legacy NAV clients are beginning to recognize the need to rapidly adjust their business model to overcome competitive pressures driven by technology-savvy competitors. The need to embrace the cloud with Real-Time information and mobility while streamlining processes is driving this change.

Our expert team of Developers, Accounting & Operations professionals have worked with several client companies to migrate core NAV functionality to our Salesforce developed components such as Purchasing, Sales Order Entry, and Invoicing. It allowed for automated workflows, mobility, rapid customization & flexible reporting. While integrating, in Real Time, financial transactions with NAV.



Elevate your Business Processes

Use Salesforce ERP Applications and maintain Dynamics NAV for Financials

The Benefit

  • Delivers a Cloud-Based solution built around a robust and secure architecture trusted by companies around the world, including those in the most heavily regulated industries.

  • Provides a modern development environment with functionality designed for the way business needs to operate today and in the future.

  • Automated Workflows bring traditional operational activities such as Sales Orders Procurement & Manufacturing with Customer Relationship activities.

  • Maintain your NAV for Financials as transactions in Salesforce are updated in Real-Time.

  • Extensive business & metrics reporting capabilities can be developed by users, not programmers.

  • No computer infrastructure to maintain and you can scale as you grow.

  • System & Application upgrades happen automatically without user intervention.


Or should you consider upgrading NAV and re-implement?


The Benefit

  • Supported Microsoft Maintenance allows free Upgrade to the latest version

  • Many new enhancements and better integration with Office365 & Web

  • All patches & Hot Fixes are current

  • Supports latest Microsoft SQL & Server software

  • Existing staff is familiar with NAV

The Consequences

  • Cost must be considered to migrate from the existing version to the latest release

  • Customizations currently being used must be evaluated and either re-coded or use Native functionality, if it exists, in the new release

  • All NAV add-ons must be re-configured and migrated

  • Existing business processes may have changed since the original implementation and must be considered during the new version implementation


The Value Proposition

Traditional ERP functions are accessed in Salesforce providing users with a cloud-based, modern interface which promotes user system adoption. Since Salesforce is highly customizable and provides a rapid development environment, companies can accelerate the implementation process and reduce expenditures.

With a rich array of web-enabled functionalities, the Salesforce platform extends business processes to more aggressively interact with your customers and automatically to inform of changes in customer buying patterns. There will be one consolidated source of information minimizing the need to maintain a large number of Excel spreadsheets.

One Company's Success

ACV Enviro is a fully integrated environmental services and waste management organization with 24 locations throughout the Northeast and Midwest with over 800 employees.

“Micro DataNet has been an invaluable partner to ACV Enviro during our growth over the past 7 years with many acquisitions and mergers.The passion and dedication they give to our company for both Microsoft NAV and Salesforce is exceptional. As the CIO, having Micro DataNet in my corner providing day-to-day support, integration, and development allows me to confidently develop our strategic technology road map.”

Jay Marcotte, Chief Information Officer

ACV Enviro

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